The term Mommy Makeover is a commercial term and does not refer to a specific type of cosmetic procedure.  The term is used to describe Moms who’s goal is to return their bodies to their pre-pregnancy days.  Commonly, it is a combination of breast surgery, like a breast lift or breast implant, a tummy tuck, also know as abdominoplasty, and liposuction.My explanation mommy makeover surgery.

-Tummy Tuck

In an ideal world it would only take a set number of sit ups and your waist and stomach would be nice and flat back to it’s pre-pregnancy form.  The reality is that pregnancy is hard on the body and can make it impossible for a woman’s body to bounce back from the excessive skin and stretched muscles that results from pregnancy.  A full abdominoplasty entails body contouring procedures, tightening of the stomach muscles, and removal of the excessive skin.  A mini-tummy tuck is also an option if the amount a lesser amount of work is required.  Ask about the right surgery to return you to a flat stomach.

-Breast Augmentation

Each woman’s breast respond and recover differently from breast surgery.  Some women end up with sagging breast and require breast augmentation.  While breastfeeding may result in a significantly smaller breast size and require breast implants.


Liposuction, is also commonly known as lipoplasty.  This cosmetic procedure helps to remove excess fat deposits, slim and reshapes specific areas, and can improve body contours and proportion.  Liposuction can be done on the face, arms, legs and for Mommy makeovers the stomach and thighs are most common.